Siya has accomplished a feat that many others haven’t been so successful with: She’s an out and proud lesbian and also a respected rapper. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive for Siya, who returns to TV tonight when Oxygen premieres Season 2 of Sisterhood of Hip Hop. And while there are four other women MCs on the show alongside Siya, it’s undeniable she is its heart; the rising star whose artistry is innate and nothing is done for show.

In Season 1, we saw Siya struggling to keep her personal and professional relationships strong, and Season 2 has her in a different place—literally. Siya has relocated from New York to Los Angeles where she says, “was where I needed to be to accomplish more things in in terms of my career so I made it happen.” (Her new EP drops in July.)

In the season premiere, Siya is faced with a tough decision as her contract with mentor, Tank, is up and rapper T. Pain comes by the studio, expressing interest in signing her to his label.